Thursday, 30 August 2012


We like puns in our family, Middle One especially, he says they’re punbelievable. He loves the comedian Tim Vine, he's King of the pun, Pun Slinger, in fact. Here’s one of his: So I went to buy a watch and the man in the shop said, "Analogue?" I said, "No, just a watch."

I like making a nice pun myself. When we were at the Greenwich Observatory the other day, we were making our way to the café and I said the prices would be sky high. I was pleased with that. 

When Lovely Uncle, who also loves a good pun, was here for dinner last night, he said he nearly read Marine Biology at university… they offered him a plaice. I said in that case he had been shellfish not to take it up. Middle One said I should stop being Sharkastic. 

Then L U told a story about a translator who couldn’t remember the name of the fish he needed to translate during the middle of an important international fisheries conference. I said I bet he haddock on the tip of his tongue.

That’s the thing about puns, a good one is its own reword. I mean reward.

Let us know any good ones...

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