Sunday, 23 September 2012

Love is...

Now that I'm a member of the Mumsnet bloggers network they keep sending me tips. I should list what my blog is about apparently, and the sort of things I'm into so that people looking for similar topics can find it. 

So here it is, apart from my children, husband and whole extended family, whom I love beyond words, of course, below are all the other things I love, in no particular order... 

The Beatles, of course,
Owls and all things owlish,
David Hockney and that reminds me of…
Yorkshire, especially York, my home town and
Vancouver, where I lived as a child and
Mendelssohn’s violin concerto, which reminds me of 
My Grandpa and 
Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto no 2, the music in
Brief Encounter, one of my favourite films, as is
The English Patient ditto quirky films like
The Darjeeling Ltd and also
Tamara Drew and
Rear Windows, my favourite Hitchcock. And

Fig trees,
Magnolia trees and all trees in fact plus
Flowers and 
The Chelsea Flower Show with my
Daddy, of course, and
Cream teas, with or without my Daddy, and
Fizzy wine! And
Feeling warm and
Fountains and talking to my 
Mum. Also

Cooking (when I have time) and
Eating food cooked by others when I don’t and
Shelves and
Compliments and reading
Newspapers and features by
Caitlin Moran,
Lynn Barber,
Nancy Banks Smith and the column by
Tim Dowling and browsing in
Kitchen shops, especially
Peter Jones! And

Cold beer and 
Crisps on
Friday nights!
Earl grey tea – nice and hot when you get in, and
Funny people,
Pretty dresses,
Reading out loud to my kids and
Butter – on everything! And

Lying by a pool on holiday reading any
Jane Austen or
Gone With the Wind or
Birdsong or
Cider with Rosie or
Anna Karenina or
Madame Bovary or watching BBC
Period dramas and then taking
Long country walks, with a pub, and
Family photos all round the house, also
Pictures on walls - in groups - and

Reading, reading, reading but most of all
Writing and the
Theatre and
Modest people and
Swimming and
Going to sleep and
Candles and fairy lights,
Clever jokes,
Radio 4 and
Christmas (of course!).

Having a bath, a hot one and then eating
Cake and having
Sex (that’s a given) and going to the
The V & A and having 
A roaring fire back at home, which is totally
Tidy! (better than sex). And don't forget
Views (especially in Italy) and
Coffee with friends and the programme
Who Do You Think You Are? and all 
History and
My iMac (which I'm at right now) and
Cockney Rebel, Come Up And See Me (happy song),
Matisse ... and most of all
Being a mum.

Have I missed something?

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