Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Annie Hall.

I think it's in Annie Hall where there's a split screen and on one side there's Woody Allen talking to his therapist, while on the other there's Diane Keaton talking to hers and the therapist says to both: "so how would you describe your sex life?" and Woody Allen says, "Oh, terrible, we only have sex two or three times a week,” and Diane Keaton says, “Very good, we have sex two or three times a week.” 

Well, I was reminded of that this week during a conversation with husband...

Me: “For some reason my girlfriends seem to think we have a fantastically active sex life. I’m not quite sure how that's happened."

Husband: “It will be because you have given them that impression.”

Me: “Have I?”

Husband: "Yes. Remember that time you told them you were instigating a one night on, one night off regime?”

Me: “Oh yes, I did tell them that, didn’t I?”

Husband: “Yes, I think you did.”

Me: “Well, it’s true, I did suggest a one night on, one night off regime, so I would know when I could read my book in peace.”

Husband: “Yes, it’s true that you did suggest it, but I don’t think you followed through.”

Me: “I'm sure I did for a while.”

Husband: “Well, maybe just the once... But I'm pretty sure that was on a night off.”


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