Saturday, 17 November 2012

Breaking news...

Breaking news this morning in priority order:

1.) Middle One's 14th birthday today - we love you Middle One!  We have huge mob of teenage boys coming over to hang out in the basement and watch Hot Rod. Whatever the hell that is.

2.) Eldest's first ever paid babysitting assignment turned into a free trip to see The Killers at the O2 last night when the child he was meant to look after set fire to his trousers (he's ok). That was before Eldest was in charge, I hasten to add. The mother didn't want to go to the gig after that and so gave Eldest her ticket. Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

3.) And my tweet makes a tiny mention in Tim Dowling's column. (I could have put money on it).

There's enough there for about twenty posts. What a waste.

And don't miss the post from yesterday - below - about going on the telly...  

My, but how they grow! Middle One... quite a while ago now.


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