Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Article in the Daily Mail today.

"What!" I shout at my laptop, while sitting at the breakfast table reading the Mail Online. "I didn't write that, I wrote Nick Clegg's admirable plans, not controversial plans. It's completely different."

"For God's sake Mummy," says Middle One, "What do you expect? It's a Tory newspaper."

True, I think, and there are more important things to worry about - the eye-make up is terrible, where are my lashes?

If you read it, do let me know what you think...



  1. Elizabeth, I'm applauding your frankness and I suspect you've given other women the green light to admit their feelings with your DM feature today. Congratulations on giving birth to a really timely piece. I wrote "Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on Guilt and Make a Smooth Return to Work" (Hay House, 2011) and completely get where you're coming from. If you fancy chewing the cud and getting your groove back on I'm really happy to have a chat. Best, Jessica ( - contact form on the web)

  2. Thanks Jessica, glad you liked it. I hope you like the blog as well - also very frank. Do keep reading. E

  3. Goodness, great article - that's exactly how I felt. I went from being a well respected, award winning designer to stay-at-home-mum (a label that implies inactivity - go figure!). I admit, I fell off my trolly a bit along the way. Now, writing my book and blog is allowing me to find my sanity, rediscover myself and all I can be.