Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Today I am...

Pitching ideas and trying to write in nice sentences but feeling tired (bad night, anyone else?) and not able to spell so relying heavily on Mr Collins here. He's my right-hand man.

Effing and blinding round the office wondering where the pens have gone. I have forms to fill in - loads of them. Does someone EAT pens in this house?

Ignoring all the boring looking post that is piling up because I never open it.

Picking up clods of soil from all over the floor. WHO BROUGHT THAT IN?

Trying to think of something wonderful/delicious/easy to cook for dinner AGAIN.

Panicking about what I'm going to wear when I GO ON LORRAINE ON ITV TOMORROW MORNING! Yikes. As Tim Dowling would say, they have obviously never seen my face move - but then neither have I.



  1. You'll be ace. I'd like to say I'll tune in to offer virtual support but I don't do Lorraine (or ITV for that matter) so post a link and I'll watch you on demand - somehow less sinful that way don't you think?! Good luck!