Monday, 23 September 2013

One of those days.

It's Friday and it's one of those days. I have work to do. Middle One is still off school with a tummy bug. It's Day Five with an ill child off school. Already.

The phone rings. It's my colleague from a beach in Scotland where he is on a recce. He wants to know what my ideas are for the new pitch we're putting together to make a series of films for a regular client. It would be a great job. 

I don't know what my ideas are yet. I've just spent two hours talking to the builder about the wood-burning stove. Is putting a chimney breast in the middle of the back wall of windows really a good idea? My vision is something like this...

The reality might be something more like this...

The door bell rings. It's the building inspector. He calls up the stairs. He wants to talk to me about a possible damp issue with closing over the back cellar steps. I run down from the office to talk to him but find that the builders have screwed the temporary door shut at the bottom. They thought I was out.  I am trapped. 

I call out to be let free and in the meantime talk to the building inspector over the banisters. As I do so my mobile goes off in my pocket. It is Eldest. His text says: "I have no money on my finger for lunch! Please put some on NOW." 

I ask Middle One to do this for me, while I continue to talk to the building inspector outside in the garden/building site. (The builders have set me free by now.) I forget to tell Middle One that I've changed the password. 

I am still talking to the building inspector when Middle One shouts down: "I think I've locked you out of your online bank account! I got your password wrong too many times." 

We all have days like this one, don't we? I think I need some of this.

Or possibly more like this...

Love E x



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