Monday, 6 January 2014

A new year, a new list.

Do you make lists? I do one every night. I'm obsessed with lists. Lists for little things: 'ring Doctor, put clothes away'. And lists for big things: 'do CV to get more work, finish novel'...

So because it's the beginning of a new year I have a massive mega list at the moment, and the problem with this is that the bigger things tend to get overlooked by the smaller ones, don't you find? 

I have this little adage: 'just as soon as the house is clean and tidy I will sit down and write', and the problem with that is that the house is really only clean and tidy for about one hour a week on a Friday, and then I tend to flop on the sofa with a cup of tea, a huge pile of newspapers, an enormous sigh, and then instantly fall asleep. 

At the moment I have, 'use old toothbrush to clean grout between the floor tiles on bathroom floor' on my list. 

If Shirley Conran thought life was too short to stuff a mushroom then it's sure as hell too short to scrub a floor with a toothbrush, but I can't help myself, I really like a clean house, I would go so far as to say I LOVE a clean house, although I don't love the process of getting there.

I'm certainly not what the charming Godfrey Bloom would call a slut (you know, that UKIP buffoon), and maybe that's my problem, writing wise. Because it's my hunch, based on no evidence or research whatsoever, that Doris Lessing and Iris Murdoch and the like were massive sluts, in the Godfrey Bloom sense. 

So perhaps I should just accept that I'm more of a Margot Leadbetter than a Margaret Drabble and get on with rearranging the cushions, dropping Husband's shirts off at the launderette and bossing the cleaner?

Anyone know if there's a Rotary Club around here?

Love E x



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