Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Too much book group last night.

I can't blog today because I have a cracking headache because I drank too much red wine last night at book group. First world problem, as Middle One would say. 

I had forgotten that if you are a mum you can't drink too much, it's just not worth it, because the next day you ALWAYS have to get up and cook things and drive people places and be sensible.

As I recall the last time I had too much to drink was on a Sunday evening in 2006. Never again. The agony/shame/sheer hell of that experience is etched into my psyche. 

I had been to a local wine bar to watch a friend who was singing and playing guitar there, and I hadn't eaten. I remember other mums kindly telling me later that the vast quantities of ropey white wine I had consumed must have been 'off'. I also remember having my head down the loo, retching, very early the next morning, while my anxious toddler hovered nearby endlessly repeating: "Is Mummy ok?" 

My living room curtains were still drawn at 2 in the afternoon. If there is one thing that denotes a bad mother living within, it's her living room curtains still being drawn to the world at 2 in the afternoon. 

It was one of those days that you long to be over as soon as it begins, and goes on in your head for what seems like weeks. I couldn't take my older two to school and had to get a neighbour to do it. I vowed never to get that drunk ever again. And I haven't.

I think it was the red wine last night. Rather a lot of it. Let's face it, it's what book groups were designed for: a load of mummies de-stressing mid-week on alcohol. Reading books hardly comes into it.

I had planned to write about money today. I had a whole thing about billionaires and capitalism, weaving in the housing bubble and over-heard in Waitrose anecdotes (my boys tell me the best one is - "Titus, can you get the alpaca milk, please?" but I think that might be made up). But I can't write any of that now because inside my head there is a banging akin to a primary school band practice  - percussion only. So you will have to wait for my pontifications on money.

And I hadn't even read the book.

Love E x



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