Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A cold in a hot climate.

Kind reader,

Please wait for me. I have a very bad cold. My limbs are aching. I feel as if I have been hit by a bus. It is very hot outside. Eldest came in at 2.00 am last night and had forgotten his key so I had to get up and open the door. After that I couldn't get back to sleep. I am writing something for the Telegraph weekend section. I also wrote something for them last week called In Praise of Doing Nothing, which was ironic because last week was mental. My feet hardly touched the ground. I have a blog I am preparing for you (all about Eldest coming in at all hours of the night at the moment and how it is like having a baby again) but I don't have time to polish it up and publish it just at the mo. 

My head feels like there is a stack of cotton wool inside it. 


See you very soon.

Love E x




  1. Your eldest looks too young to be coming in at 2am?! Get well soon.

  2. Ah yes! Rather an old photo. Thing is teenagers don't want their photo on mum's blog… and I look younger in that one. Thanks btw, feeling much better now. :) E x