Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lovely things.

A lovely thing happened to me this week, actually three lovely things. I was just coming out of a cafe with a friend when she suddenly turned to me and said, "I've been thinking about your birthday."

"My birthday isn't until March," I said.

"I know," she said, "and I know you said you don't want to do anything but I wondered if you'd like to come to us. We'll host something for you, if you like. You can choose the guest list."

Wow. So kind, I thought.

"Wow, that's so kind," I said.

Then the next day a different friend said, "Have you thought about your birthday at all?" 

"Umm… " I said. "It's not until March."

"Because," she said, "I thought you might like to come to our house for a lunch. I'd invite everyone."

That's so incredibly kind, I thought. And then I said it as well.

Then on Wednesday evening when I was writing on my laptop in the kitchen as the boys and Husband were clearing the table after dinner (I reckon if I cook everything the least they can do is stuff some plates in the dishwasher), I got a lovely text from a friend.

"Hi!" it said. "Long time no see. Where have you been? I've been thinking about your birthday. Would you like us all to go out? Or we could host a dinner at our house for you, if you like."

"Wow," I said, out loud.

Husband and the two boys suddenly looked over at me.

"What?" said Husband.

"I have lovely friends," I said.

Love E x


P. S. Actually it's four things because when I returned home from talking to the lonely old ladies for a couple of hours on the phone, a few days back, there was something waiting for me on the doormat. It was a glossy brochure. "Your birthday treat at Ragdale Hall Spa!" it said, and it was from my mother.

Wow, I thought, I'm so lucky. And my birthday isn't until March.

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