Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Woman with a movie camera.

This week I've devised a little movie game, instead of the regular blog, because I've gone filming and because I love movies. Here are some stills from movies with a line underneath from each one, but they're all mixed up. All you have to do is match the right line to the right movie. I put the answers at the end. So, you get the beer, I'll get the popcorn, and I'll see you back here in the foyer in a minute, or in a week, or whenever. 

1. Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs Robinson?

2. The lunch box has landed.


3. Alright, I'll jump first.

4. Let's get the flock out of here.

5. I feel the need, the need for speed.

6. Show me everything.

7. Listen. Listen to the sea.

8. Are you talkin' to me?

9. Is he a martyr or is he a fucking jalfrezi?

10. There's no place like home.

11. Aren't men full of shit?

12. I'll have what she's having.

13. Thank you for coming back to me.

14. We'll always have Paris.

15. Rosebud.

16. And a hundred baby spiders came out.

17. I just feel so alone, even when I'm surrounded by other people.

18. Do you have sex often? Hardly ever, maybe three times a week.

19. Mes Ĺ“illets fleurissent.

Love E x


P.S. Is he a martyr or is he a fucking jalfrezi? from Four Lions, has got to be my favourite line ever.

Alien (6), Shirley Valentine (11), Rebecca (7), Manon du Sources (19), Casablanca (14), The Graduate (1), Lost in Translation (17), Brief Encounter (13), Lethal Weapon (4), Annie Hall (18), Blade Runner (16), Top Gun (5), The Full Monty (2), Taxi Driver (8), Four Lions (9), When Harry Met Sally (12), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (3), The Wizard of Oz (10), Citizen Kane (15).


  1. Great competition, although technically it's Aliens not Alien - I think she's talking to Hicks about the pulse rifle.

  2. She needs a bigger rifle. I need a proofreader. Thanks, Jims. E x